Construction chemicals

Construction chemicals – our company Śmig has been operating in the construction industry for a long time and introduces construction chemicals to the market that are appreciated by customers due to their high quality. Products such as ready-made and loose putty coats are necessary to finish walls and ceilings. When developing recipes for such products, we always take into account the final cost in order to offer our customers materials at affordable prices.

What to look for when choosing construction chemicals?

There are many materials in the field of construction chemicals on the market, but when looking for the best solution to carry out a renovation at home or to collect materials for your construction company, you must carefully familiarize yourself with its purpose. Because it matters a lot, for example, there is a huge range of paints that can only be used inside the house and others outside. An important tip when choosing construction chemicals is to read the labels or talk to a consultant who has the right knowledge and helps you make the right choice.

Construction chemicals – finishing coats ready to be used inside the room

Our range of construction chemicals includes ready and loose putty. The ready option is suitable for immediate use immediately after opening the bucket, but it can also be stored for a certain period of time. Currently, the white Śmig A-2 fillers in the form of a wet mortar and ready-made plaster are the most popular.

However, it is necessary to find out on what substrates it can be used. Well, the finished product is suitable for any substrate, it can even be used on wood-based surfaces and old paint coatings. The condition is that they must be clean, dry, free of grease and unstable paint coatings. Important! It is not necessary to wet the surface, because the adhesion of the putty will be reduced. In most cases, no priming is required prior to application.

What are the characteristics of construction chemicals in the form of Śmig A-2 putty?

The finished gypsum plaster produced in our company is extremely flexible and resistant to cracking. When buying this product, you need to know that it reaches its properties after thorough drying and binding. Only then does it achieve structure durability and proper adhesion. It is also an economical material to buy and use. What does it mean? This type of construction chemicals is applied straight from the bucket, no other treatments are required. For this reason, the plaster has gained the satisfaction of buyers and is gaining new buyers.

When using the plaster produced by us, you can choose a layer thickness of 5mm, but you can also apply a thin layer of just one millimeter. This will significantly reduce material consumption. The drying time for this product is between two hours (1 mm) and 24 hours (5 mm). Important! The temperature in the room must not fall below +10°C so as not to stop the setting reaction.

How to apply the ready-made putty?

The use of efficient construction chemicals gives the opportunity to use various accessories to apply it to the surface. In the case of ready-made putty, many builders choose a traditional stainless steel trowel, pick it up straight from the bucket and apply it to the substrate. For some people, a roller is a better solution as it is easier to use and allows you to cover the surface evenly. The spray method for applying construction chemicals is used by construction companies who care about quick and effective application of the product. A jointer is also used which is used to connect plasterboards, this procedure always runs smoothly.

Standard and special filling with construction chemicals

Our company has produced an excellent quality white putty which is intended for joining plasterboards with embedding reinforcing tapes into the joints. Filling is carried out in places with mounting screws. These are basic Q1 works where the plaster is used under the glaze or in utility rooms. The ready-made Q2 putty is used to thoroughly cover the tape and is used on walls under wallpaper (thick) or under textured plaster.

On the other hand, construction chemicals intended for special filling are Q3 putty. Its use includes filling joints to achieve zeroing of the board surface. Where is this type of plaster used? It is applied to the surface under thin wallpapers or before applying structural paints. Another type of this building material is the special Q4 plaster, which is used to cover entire plasterboards and is suitable for painting with high-quality paints.

Trust our construction chemicals Śmig

Why are our construction chemicals one of the best products on the market? Our building materials, including the ready-made white Śmig A-2 putty, are certified and have certificates confirming their compliance with EU guidelines. Our products are safe for the environment and do not pose a threat to humans. You must use them in accordance with our recommendations. We have a specialized laboratory equipped with modern equipment and specialists perform various tests.

Our construction chemicals meet all the requirements of the standards in force in our country and the entire European Union. We are a well-known brand that offers its customers ready-made plaster in buckets that are tightly closed and the product is very effective. Our products can be purchased at DIY stores, wholesalers and construction chemicals stores.