Wooden house – is it worth living in?

Wooden house – is it worth living in? Wood as a construction material has been known to mankind for generations. For many millennia, it was the most popular building material for houses and apartments, now there is a “boom” for wooden houses again. Modern technologies for the construction of wooden houses have been known in the world for a long time, they arrived in Poland in the late 90s of the previous century. Brick houses still dominate among people who decide to build their own house. However, it is worth getting to know the advantages of wooden houses, and there are a lot of them. Let’s get to know not only the advantages of building such houses, but also the costs associated with their creation.

Advantages of a wooden house

Wood has great properties of self-regulation of humidity, thanks to which it provides a friendly microclimate at home. This feeling is well known to all those who have been on holiday in the mountains at least once and lived in a hotel or a wooden house. Experts agree that living in such houses has a positive effect on our health.

Unlike brick houses, wooden houses are distinguished by the speed of construction. In the case of traditional houses built using bricks and concrete, construction can take up to 2 years. Houses built of wood are built in about 3-4 months. What influences such a short construction time? First of all, simple design. Wooden frames can be made much earlier in special halls and only assembled on the construction site. This significantly reduces the time that the construction team spends on construction. In addition, the only “wet” work is the screed of the foundations, the rest of the work is done dry. Thanks to this, wooden houses can also be built in winter. It is the lack of seasonality of the works performed that has a positive effect on the construction time.One of the factors thanks to which wooden houses are rapidly gaining popularity in Poland is their high energy efficiency. Frame houses have excellent thermal protection, because the entire structure of the roof and external walls is filled with thermal insulation consisting of mineral wool and a special foil. Thanks to this, only the air in the rooms of the house is heated, which saves energy.

Skeleton construction

The frame construction of a wooden house is much lighter than the construction of brick houses. This reduces the size of the foundations, and thus their cost, which significantly reduces the cost of the entire investment. This also ensures easier construction of houses in difficult ground and hydrological conditions, e.g. in wetlands, mountains or after mining damage. Houses made of wood attract attention thanks to their climate. Placing such a house in the bosom of nature, full of beautiful landscapes, can cause admiration and envy among friends. Additional advantages may include, among others, high acoustic walls or easy modernization or reconstruction of such a house. Thanks to the lightweight construction, it is easier to do such work.

Canadian home construction costs

Much can be said about the advantages of building and living in wooden houses . However, it is worth checking how much it costs to build one, for many potential investors it may be a key issue. Price discrepancies are quite large and depend primarily on the choice of material and types of wooden house. So let’s check how the prices are shaping up:

      • Traditional wooden house

The skeleton of such a house is produced in the production hall and then transported to the construction site. The cost per m 2 of such a house in a raw state is approx. PLN 700 – 800 per m 2 . This technique is mainly used for the construction of summer houses.

      • Wooden frame and prefabricated house

This is the most popular technology among people who decide to build a wooden house. The structure itself is mounted on wooden beams and the walls are filled with wood or wood-like material. The whole thing is, of course, more expensive and the cost per m 2 ranges between PLN 1,200 and PLN 1,400

      • Wooden log house

This is the most expensive type of construction of wooden houses. The average construction price per square meter is approx. PLN 1,800, and sometimes it can even reach PLN 2,000 for the shell . Log houses are characterized by great spectacle and attractive appearance.

To this must be added the costs of buying a plot, furnishing the apartment or finishing the apartment. Finally, according to experts, the cost of building a wooden house is about 15% cheaper than building a brick house – with identical dimensions and dimensions. Considering the high costs of building houses, this allows for significant savings that can be spent on better equipment.What should you pay attention to when building a wooden house? Mainly for the wood itself. Many investors wanting to reduce construction costs choose poor quality wood, which can have very serious consequences resulting from expensive and difficult to implement repairs. The situation is similar in the case of choosing the right construction team. It is worth betting on experienced companies that have many similar constructions in their portfolio. Poorly made structures can have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of the building. It is therefore worth trusting specialists with experience in the industry.