Home remedies for cleaning silver jewelry

Home ways to clean silver jewelry: Silver has been an extremely popular material among people for years, mainly due to its durability and excellent appearance. Its biggest disadvantage, however, is that it requires proper care. Over the years, silver is blackened by the action of air, so it is necessary to take care of silver jewelry on a regular basis, as the thicker and thicker layer of rust can be difficult to remove. Before using chemicals, it is worth trying home methods of cleaning silver jewelry.

Cleaning silver jewelry

Silver jewelry should be cleaned with special care in mind. For its care, a soft microfiber cloth is ideal, which is used every day to clean the TV screen or mobile phone. The cloth will remove any dirt deposited on the jewelry without scratching its surface. It should be used to clean especially delicate silver-plated jewelry with an oxidized layer.

Ways to clean silver jewelry

1. Soda

For cleaning silver jewelry, ordinary soda, which we usually have in the kitchen, is perfect. It is enough to mix it with water in such a proportion that a thick paste is formed. Then apply the paste to the silver jewelry, and then rub it with a soft microfiber cloth. Jewelry is cleared of sediment after a while and becomes visibly shinier. Soda perfectly collects the tarnish on jewelry and penetrates even into hard-to-reach places.

2. Soap

The easiest way to clean such jewelry is without a doubt the use of ordinary soap without ammonia and phosphates with water. Even if this method does not turn out to be very effective, we will certainly get rid of the biggest impurities thanks to it and we will be able to proceed to another method of cleaning jewelry if this one fails.

3. Toothpaste

You do not need to invest in expensive and specialized cleaning agents for silver jewelry, ordinary toothpaste is enough. This is a very popular method for which we only need toothpaste and a toothbrush. When using this method, be very careful when cleaning your jewelry to avoid scratching it. It is good to choose a delicate paste for this purpose, which should not contain abrasive particles that could damage the jewelry. If we are afraid that scratches may occur, let’s give up the brush, let’s only apply the paste on our jewelry for a quarter of an hour, and then clean it with water. When the silver jewelry is completely dry, we can start polishing the surface. After doing this, the jewelry should shine beautifully.

4. Lemon juice with ash

Less popular technique. In order to clean silver jewelry using lemon juice with ashes, mix these ingredients together until a thick mush is formed. Then we put it on the jewelry for a dozen or so minutes, after that time we rinse it thoroughly. The downside of this technique is that the resulting agent will not get into any crevices in the jewelry, so it will not be effectively cleaned.

5. Vodka or pure spirit

We pour vodka or spirit into the container, then we immerse our silver jewelry and leave it best for the whole night. Wound our jewelry should look almost like new. Of course, the process ends with polishing.

6. Sour milk

Put the jewelry in a plastic bowl and pour sour milk over it. We leave it for half an hour, then rinse the jewelry, let it dry, and finally polish it.

7. Olive oil and lemon juice

To half a glass of lemon juice, add a teaspoon of olive oil, then dip a cloth in the resulting mixture. Then we polish our jewelry and let it dry.

What should you avoid when cleaning silver jewelry?

First of all, avoid using coarse and rough cloths during cleaning that could scratch our jewelry. It is also worth considering whether other materials were used to finish our earrings or ring. They may have different properties than silver. In such a situation, immersion of the jewelry in the mixture may not be appropriate and may even contribute to the destruction of the jewelry. Therefore, before starting the care, you should familiarize yourself with the type of execution of a given item. In some cases, you have to give up the overall washing of jewelry, and wash only some of its elements.

A precious stone may require different care. It is also good to remember about the rules for storing jewelry, as well as the moments when you need to take it off for a while and put it away in a safe place. Silver jewelry should not be exposed to water or any chemicals. They can lead to its tarnishing. Silver jewelry should be stored in bags, away from sunlight and heat. Ziplock bags made of polyethylene are ideal for this purpose. However, do not use polyvinyl bags that contain sulfur, which blackens silver.