Choosing ceramic tiles for the interior

Choosing ceramic tiles for the interior: Beautiful interiors are the dream of apartment and house owners. People want to live in nicely finished rooms. Aesthetics must go hand in hand with practicality and ease of cleaning. Interior design depends on the purpose of the room, its dimensions, shape and, of course, on the taste of the household. The market of finishing materials offers such a wide range of finishing materials that surely everyone will choose something for themselves. Lots of colors, patterns and different prices make finishing materials available for every budget.

No design failure

Manufacturers of ceramic tiles release new designs to the market at least once a year. In order to make it easier for customers to match wall and floor tiles, full collections are offered in several color variants. When buying a set of tiles: wall and floor, we will not make an arrangement slip-up. The collections are supplemented with various wall and floor ceramic decorations and finishing elements: cigars, tacos, raccordos, decors of various widths, as well as mouldings, plinths and corners.

The tile collections are complemented by a color matched mosaic. Thanks to this, you can create a unique interior by arranging tiles according to your idea. Ceramic tiles are very practical, and thanks to the huge selection of patterns, textures and colors, they give unlimited possibilities for interior design.

Inspiration behind the catalog

Before we decide on a specific pattern of ceramic tiles , it is worth looking at the manufacturers’ catalogs and seeing which interiors match specific tiles. The offer in the catalogs is attractively presented. In company showrooms and many hypermarkets, you can see ready-made tile arrangements. Presentations of ceramic tiles can also be seen on the manufacturers’ websites and, of course, on construction and arrangement websites.

A few words about the shapes of the tiles

Ceramic tiles are sold in many sizes. The following sizes are most often chosen by customers: 10 x 10, 20 x 20, 20 x 25, 25 x 33, 25 x 40, 30 x 30, 30 x 50, 30 x 60 and 33.3 x 33.3 cm. Tiles in larger sizes are fashionable and highly recommended by interior decorators – their width can be up to one meter. Ceramic wall tiles are usually rectangular in shape. Square tiles are also available in stores. Rectangular tiles should be arranged horizontally, because it optically enlarges the room. Decors can be arranged vertically and thus separate individual zones.

Mosaic is also very fashionable – tiny square or rectangular tiles connected to each other with a plastic mesh or special paper. They are used as decors for the kitchen, room or bathroom, which enliven the interior or finish the casing of a round bathtub or shower tray in the floor. A curiosity and a market novelty is a mosaic that can be used to finish the floor. It is produced in the technology of pressing on stoneware mass, which gives it very good performance parameters.

Visual art of ceramic tiles

Polish apartments are far from ideal. Bathrooms and kitchens (as long as there is a kitchen, not just a kitchenette) are small, inconspicuous rooms and sometimes quite dark due to the lack of a window or a small window. Arranging such a space is quite a challenge. Ceramic tiles can be a great idea and make a kitchen or bathroom seem a little bigger than it really is. The color, texture and arrangement of the tiles are very important for the visual perception of the room – they can change its proportions. Matt tiles absorb light, reducing its surface – they are suitable for larger kitchens and bathrooms. In turn , glossy ceramic tiles reflect light and enlarge the interior, thanks to which you can get the impression that the room is spacious.

Laying the tiles horizontally widens the interior, but at the same time visually lowers it. The opposite effect will be obtained by laying the tiles vertically – the room is higher, but slightly narrower. A bathroom finished with dark tiles gives the impression of being smaller. To add character to the room, choose tiles in natural colors and bring out a note of intense color. Saturated colors affect the proportions of the interior. In small bathrooms, living ones cannot be dominant, they can only be a lively insert against the background of neutral colors.

How to choose ceramic tiles?

Not only the color, shape and texture should count when choosing ceramic tiles . It is good to be guided by technical parameters, e.g. water absorption, resistance to staining and washing agents, abrasion resistance, resistance to pressure and temperature changes. Ceramic tiles are water resistant and easy to clean.

Ceramic tiles are the most popular finishing element for the kitchen, bathroom, hall and balcony. They work well where it is necessary to deal with moisture and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the room.