Interior decoration with artificial flowers

Interior decoration with artificial flowers. It has been proven that any, even the best-equipped room, becomes more comfortable if it is decorated with floral arrangements. A durable, practical and economical version of the office and home decor is the artificial flower decoration. Flowers and plant accessories look exactly like real ones, they have one significant plus: they do not require careful care and special conditions of detention.

Aesthetic and practical design: artificial flowers in interiors

For any room in your home or office, you can choose the most suitable option for designing and creating compositions with artificial flowers. Such plants are great for use all year round, they will surely delight with beautiful, expressive colors that do not lose their saturation in the sun and can create a unique atmosphere of freshness and comfort in the room. Currently, the creators of wedding compositions recommend artificial flowers to decorate this ceremony. Also corporate parties, educational institutions, restaurants, shops and shopping centers, as well as baths and saunas, are decorated in this way.

Funeral wreaths – an expression of sadness and long memory

Artificial flowers and plants created for joy and beauty are not always perceived only as a decorative element in interior decoration. They are often used in wreaths as they are very durable and will remain elegant on the grave for many months. The fact is that such products, decorated with natural or artificial flowers and plants, have a mystical, sacred meaning, i.e. they should protect the soul of the deceased from evil forces. The entire structure is mounted on a sturdy metal frame with a stand. Such wreaths do not lose their appearance for a very long time and make it possible to transport them over long distances.

Artificial box trees – practicality and exoticism

Boxwood is an evergreen ornamental plant, or rather a shrub, rounded in shape with dark green leaves and a dense crown. Natural boxwood has long been popular as an ornamental plant, for example, in some countries boxwood is an analogue of Orthodox willow, which is used on the eve of the Easter holiday. Outwardly, artificial boxwoods do not differ from natural ones, with one reservation, they do not require watering and special care. This suggests that unusual ornaments made of artificial boxwood will be a wonderful decoration of your home or office space.

Currently, it is fashionable and convenient to use artificial flowers in offices, bank buildings, shops and other facilities. And this is not surprising, because the design with flowers of the same office attracts and causes more confidence than empty gray walls. Artificial trees are also common. For example, it is almost impossible to grow a palm tree in our climatic conditions. Therefore, an artificial palm will always look and delight in every corner of the house, office and every place where it will be placed. Today, many stores offer a wide range of artificial flowers and ornamental trees.

Interior decoration with artificial flowers

Recently, the use of artificial plants in interiors, such as: compositions, trees in pots, was considered a kind of bad manners. But recently, for a number of reasons, the approach to artificial plants has changed.

          • First: with the advent of new technologies and environmentally friendly materials, artificial flowers are practically no different from their living counterparts.
          • Secondly, the use of artificial plants is economically more advantageous. At the same design price (or even less), they do not require daily care, watering and do not get sick.
          • Third: in crowded places (shopping malls, exhibition halls), sometimes it is simply impossible to have live plants.

In this regard, artificial flowers and trees have become an integral part of the interiors of offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, kindergartens and schools. The use of artificial flowers for interior decoration varies. It can be the installation of individual plants in a pot or the creation of entire winter gardens.

Materials used for the production of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers for decoration are created from materials such as fabric, paper and polymer clay. For the manufacture of funeral wreaths, plants made of plastic are mainly used. Such products are quite durable and look very natural. Artificial flowers made of various fabrics look the most beautiful. A specific fabric is used for each type of flower: satin is used for the queen of all flowers, the rose, chintz for lilies, cotton for daisies, and silk for carnations.

Artificial flowers made of paper are mainly used for interior decoration. Very stylish and original paintings and panels are made of paper flowers. To decorate the premises, bouquets and individual artificial plants are used, made of paper of different densities, impregnated with a certain composition. It is customary to decorate the facades of buildings with polymer clay flowers. Artificial clay flowers are also used to decorate clothes or hairstyles. As you can see, their purpose is different.