What is put on hybrid varnish?

What is put on hybrid varnish? Hybrid varnish has been displacing its classic nail painting counterpart from the market for years. No wonder. Now each of us can successfully perform a perfect manicure without leaving the house. And it doesn’t have to be just a simple, one-color styling. We can diversify it with many products that are easy to apply and do not require any advanced skills or any secret knowledge. Stickers, pollen, rhinestones. Or maybe colored nail gels? And how to fix the manicure to enjoy it as long as possible?

Nail powders – how to easily finish the styling?

Every nail art store offers at least a few types of pollen. And these are the best way to make an original manicure for all of us who unfortunately do not have an artistic jam. So, if you are a beginner and painting fancy patterns is not in your head yet, be sure to try out at least one of the types of pollen. They will give your style uniqueness and character. And at the same time working with them is very simple!

There are many types of pollen on the market that provide us with different types of finish. It still does not go out of fashion. “mermaid effect”, which started the fashion for decorating with these tiny powders. However, since the appearance of this pollen on the market, a huge number of various particles have appeared in stores. From those heavily ground, to thicker and ending with a “sandy” effect. In addition, using each of them for different colors of varnishes, we can get different effects!

The application of any of them should not be difficult for anyone. However, there are several ways to apply them, which you should familiarize yourself with before buying the product. Some of the pollen is enough to rub into the hybrid varnish or top coat, without worrying about anything else. These are the so-called universal tiles. Others, however, require a bit of knowledge about whether they can be rubbed into a sticky dispersion layer or a no-wipe layer. About distinguishing these layers about them at the end of the article.

Colorful nail gels – paint gels

For those women who feel a bit more confident with various decoration products in their hands, paint gels are a great way to make decorations. They require a bit of precision and additional accessories, e.g. very thin brushes that can be bought in nail art stores . What characterizes these gels that we reach for them so often?

Although intended mainly for professionals, colored gels are also used at home. They are very well-pigmented products, with expressive and intense colors, and yet they do not shrink in the curing lamp. In addition, they are very dense. Thanks to this, they do not melt on the surface of the hybrid varnish  and do not flood the cuticles. They are used to make precise decorations and so-called. nail art. You can do almost anything with them. If, however, someone lacks painting talent – just a few lines that will give the styling a unique and fashionable, geometric look.

Top coat hybrid nail polish

Each manicure starts with a base and ends with a top coat. It is thanks to him that the hybrid manicure has its unique glow. Or a matte finish. But more on that later. The top is the icing on the cake of the whole styling. In addition to the undoubted aesthetic advantages, it is also designed to fix and protect the hybrid varnish underneath . It protects it against mechanical damage, scratches and discoloration resulting, for example, from contact with cleaning agents or cosmetics and harmful UV radiation. However, when you visit a nail art store , you will see that there are many types of nail art.

Types of hybrid tops and their use

Every topcoat that you can find in the store is designed to protect your styling from damage. Regardless of whether we cover the nails only with varnish, or maybe decorate them with pollen or colorful nail gels , the manicure always ends with the application of a top coat.

      1. Classic hybrid top. The primary choice for many of us. It gives a glossy finish and performs all protective functions. Provides styling durability and protection against damage. After curing in a hybrid lamp, it remains sticky. This is the so-called dispersion layer. To remove it, wipe it with a degreaser or high-proof alcohol after removing your hand from the lamp. However, it does not work when we want to cover it with most decorative pollen.
      2. A no-wipe top coat, i.e. a top coat without a sticky dispersion layer. Thanks to it, the manicure is ready as soon as its last layer is cured. This saves time and additional products. In addition, top coats of this type show a higher gloss than their counterparts with a dispersion layer. Its disadvantage may be its lighter consistency. An inexperienced hand can flood the cuticles when applying it. Perfect for most pollen.
      3. Top with a matte finish. As the name suggests, it does not give the nails a glossy effect. In return, we get a subdued, almost pastel and satin finish.