Year-round wooden houses

Year-round wooden houses. Wooden houses are associated with an open-air museum, sometimes seen ruins or summer houses. Modern construction technology has given a chance for the revival of wooden houses and the construction of buildings for year-round living. In recent years, there has been a breakthrough and wooden houses have gained interest from investors. They are a combination of tradition and modern solutions and have a unique, warm atmosphere.

Year-round wooden houses – safety and modernity

An investor starting the construction of a house wants it to be a modern, comfortable and safe building in every respect. Many economists point out that building your own house can be cheaper than buying a three-room apartment in the center of Warsaw. They indicate that modern construction technologies make it possible to shorten the construction time, and thus reduce costs while maintaining all safety parameters. The market of wooden houses is experiencing a revival on a scale unprecedented in the last 50 years.

A wooden house built using the latest technologies is quite safe and warm. The rooms have a functional layout that provides comfort of living even for people with disabilities. There is everything that a modern man needs for a comfortable life: TV, satellites, Internet access and alarms. The difference is only in the material from which the walls were built – wood (round log, rectangular log, glued log, and frame construction) instead of brick.

Year-round wooden houses – the advantages of wooden houses

The construction of a brick house generates huge costs and takes several months. The dream of a house can be fulfilled even without a creditworthiness of over half a million zlotys.  Wooden houses cost much less than brick constructions, and their erection takes less time than traditional buildings. Depending on the size of the facility, the construction time is 4 to 8 weeks. Brick houses are built longer, because a technical break is necessary between the stages, which increases the investment costs. Wooden houses have another advantage – less masonry work, which means savings in labor costs for the construction team.

The construction of wooden houses requires only the connection of modules prepared in the factory. Well-dried and impregnated wood is a very durable and functional, even an excellent construction material. They have a lighter structure than traditional houses, so they can be placed on foundations with a smaller thickness. This is very good news for the investor, as investment costs will be reduced. Their advantages include increased durability and the possibility of existence for up to 200 years. Wooden construction can be built faster – wooden houses can be multi-storey. They have a high level of fire safety – the wooden structure is covered with special anti-fire and anti-insect agents.

Year-round wooden houses – health-friendly houses

Year-round wooden houses are made of dried wood. One of the properties of the above-mentioned building material is the ability to self-regulate moisture, which gives a favorable microclimate in the rooms. That is why wooden houses have the reputation of being healthy and user-friendly. They are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, because the wooden wall structure is filled with insulating material.

The walls of the wooden building are lined with insulating materials such as: mineral wool, vapor barrier and wind insulation foil. High thermal insulation means lower operating costs. Any type of heating can be installed in a wooden house : a boiler, a fireplace with a water jacket, a heat pump or underfloor heating.

Year-round wooden houses – an experienced construction team

Wooden houses do not forgive mistakes during construction. Any failure can be a threat to their durability and functionality. The most common mistake is building with not fully dried wood, which can lead to rotting of the building. Only a company that has excellent opinions on the local market and experience in implementing such projects should deal with the construction of wooden houses.

Year-round wooden houses – a philosophy of life

The owners of wooden houses believe that living in it changed their lives – they found peace and contact with nature. They have moved out of the cities to quiet corners where they can enjoy the beautiful nature and live its rhythm. They discovered that a positive attitude towards the world results from a sense of harmony in one’s life and respect for the surrounding nature.  Wooden houses are designed in such a way that they do not mar the landscape, but become its part.

Real estate market analysts note that wooden houses are more than just a passing fad. They become an indicator of life values, e.g. living in accordance with the rhythm of nature, ecological lifestyle, or combining modernity with tradition. Modern wooden houses can last for generations, just like their older predecessors. There is a high probability that the interest in this type of single-family houses will grow from year to year and more contractors will gradually appear, which will create good quality competition.