What is a chest of drawers?

What is a chest of drawers? A chest of drawers is a term used to describe many types of furniture designs that include one or more rows of drawers used to store clothing or other personal items. A chest of drawers is typically made of wood and has at least three to six large drawers with a smaller top drawer that can be split or solid.

Special types of chests of drawers

Some chests of drawers are designed only to store a certain type of clothing. For example, a linen chest is tall and narrow with a single row of five or six drawers. The top drawer is often designed to look like two shallow drawers with double decorative handles. Many antique dressers have shallow drawers on top for jewelry, hair combs and other accessories. Today’s furniture manufacturers meet the needs of the market, but the design of the front gives the chest of drawers an authentic and classic look. Although most modern chests of drawers have short legs and are basically rectangular with little detail, the traditional chest of drawers is very ornate. For example, there are ornately carved chests of drawers with a curved front. Another popular style is the French country chest of drawers. It is similar to a traditional chest of drawers, but the front is flat and the overall style is stricter. The French chest of drawers also has three drawers and can be used to store clothing, bedding or other items. Particularly popular are chests of drawers made of fine woods such as cherry or oak and may have an antique finish.

The functionality of the chest of drawers

A chest of drawers, also known as an office chest or dressing table, is one of the most functional and often stylish pieces of furniture you can own. Tall or short, narrow or wide, a chest of drawers can be used for more than just storing clothes. It can hold many small household items and help you create a cleaner, more organized space. How to create a functional interior using a chest of drawers? Consider these uses for a dresser in a living room or family room: use a long dresser as a console table placed on the back of a sofa; use a chest of drawers that is the same height or lower than the back of the sofa. Fill the chest of drawers with puzzles, games, art supplies or books in the family room. Use a low, long dresser as an entertainment center to accommodate the TV; drawers can hold electronic accessories. Transform a chest of drawers of any size into a bar; remove one of the drawers to fit, or build a wine holder or shelf.

A chest of drawers for utility purposes

Who doesn’t work from home these days? If you need extra space for projects and crafts, take your dresser and transform it into a functional space. Fortunately, you don’t have to follow office rules; you can personalize your office with your own style. Transform a chest of drawers into a sideboard for documents and office supplies. Turn a chest of drawers into a desk by removing the front part of the top drawer; use the writing surface or as a keyboard shelf. Use the dresser to store wrapping paper, ribbons, scissors, pens, tape and other office supplies. Store things needed for crafts and hobbies in the dresser, such as painting supplies, sewing supplies, fabrics or sewing accessories.

Properly matched chests of drawers

When choosing a chest of drawers, consider the size of the room and its purpose. For example, a low, wide chest of drawers in the children’s room will allow the child to safely reach the drawers without having to climb. Also, make sure that the chest of drawers does not cover windows or block access to cupboards. The chest of drawers should have easily sliding metal guides and be stable. Chests of drawers are traditionally made and used to store clothing, particularly underwear, socks, and other items that would not normally hang or otherwise be stored in a closet. They are usually placed in the bedroom but can actually be used to store anything that fits inside and can be placed anywhere in your home or other location. The chest of drawers is also often used to store various small personal items. It has a long history as one of the main elements of the carpentry workshop. A typical chest of drawers is roughly rectangular and often has short legs at the bottom corners to place it on the floor. In late medieval Europe, the chest of drawers came into use primarily in noble houses – it could, but did not have to, stand on legs. An early transitional phase was the addition of a drawer under the main compartment. Chests of drawers are functional furniture that should be found in every home or office. They will successfully accommodate both clothes and documents. There are many types of chests of drawers in furniture stores, which are made of various materials. The most popular are elegant wooden chests of drawers that look like real antiques. The purchase of a chest of drawers is a necessary purchase.