What is a hot stone massage?

What is a hot stone massage? Stone massage can be done with both cold and warm tools. However, it is the latter that has recently gained more and more popularity. Why is this happening? What is hot stone massage?

Principles of hot stone massage

Such a massage is a real art that is based on certain rules. It is not enough to heat any stones and place them on someone’s back. In fact, for the massage to be performed correctly, everything must be done in accordance with the art, because everything here makes sense and everything has a specific effect.

Suitable stones

A very important element of such a massage are, of course, stones. They cannot be any stones, and certainly not artificial materials that stones only pretend to be. Specially designed stones made of volcanic rocks are used for the massage. Most often it is basalt, i.e. black, green or gray stones. These stones retain heat for a very long time, which in itself makes them perfect for this type of massage.

What’s more, it is associated with certain therapeutic actions, which are to be related, among others, to the high content of minerals. Basalt is supposed to help in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, as well as relax muscles and improve our general well-being.

The right temperature

What’s more, the stones must be heated to the right temperature. As we already know, basalt maintains it for a long time, often throughout the duration of the massage. However, for the massage to bring the desired effects, the temperature should be constantly monitored and, if necessary, the cooling stones should be replaced with new, heated ones. The desired temperature range is 40 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Stone heating method

However, not only the temperature is important, but also how it is achieved. It is unacceptable to heat the stones dry, for example in any, even the most sophisticated furnace. Basalt for hot stone massage must be heated in water at a carefully selected temperature. To check whether the water has reached the right temperature, specially prepared thermometers are used.

Stone massage technique

However, preparing the tools is not everything. The proper technique of performing the massage itself is also important. To explore all its secrets, you need to undergo specialized training, but there are also several commonly known principles of hot stone massage.

Skin hydration

For the massage to run properly, the skin should be well moisturized. Of course, it is extremely important that the person undergoing the massage takes care of this beforehand. This is done by drinking the right amount of water a few days before the massage. In this way, the skin is hydrated from the inside. Also during the massage care is taken to properly moisturize the skin. This is possible thanks to the use of an appropriate composition of oils, carefully selected for the massage. They also have a therapeutic effect, thanks to the combination of specific scents.

Another important issue is the air in the room where the massage takes place. It cannot be dried, as this will have a negative effect on both the skin and the entire massage.

Massaged areas

It is also very important to place the stones correctly. It is their skilful movement that guarantees the proper flow of energy, and thus the appropriate therapeutic effect on the body of the massaged person.

What does hot stone massage do?

All massages are enjoyable, but a particular type of massage wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t have specific benefits. Thanks to the appropriate technique, we can obtain very valuable therapeutic values. They support the treatment of many ailments.

Cardiovascular disease

Hot stone massage is recommended primarily to people who struggle with problems and ailments related to the circulatory system. Thanks to the appropriately selected temperature, skilful pressure and proper movement of the stones, this massage perfectly stimulates blood flow in all parts of the human body.

Muscle cramps and tensions

Another case where hot stone massage has great therapeutic properties are ailments related to our muscular system. Most often, these are painful or bothersome contractions. Almost as often we complain about muscle tension that is difficult to remove, which has a negative impact on our well-being and somatic health. Fortunately, a properly conducted hot stone massage can deal with all such ailments.


No less important is our mental health. Our quality of life depends on it. Even the healthiest body is useless if it belongs to a stressed and unhappy person. A high state of tension will very quickly negatively affect our somatic health, causing numerous diseases. Hot stone massage is a simple way to prevent this. It is known for its amazing relaxing properties. Thanks to this, we will easily achieve a state of inner peace and reduce the level of stress in our daily lives.